With unity, prayer, and the help of God, we set aside a small percentage of our income throughout each year to purchase decent and used household items, clothing, shoes, vitamins, hygiene products, etc, pack them and ship them by cargo to particular destinations where churches are in desperate need. We have seen missionaries visit Haiti; they are prime witnesses of how life is in some areas in Port- au- Prince.
We are not and will not be visitor missionaries. In almost every church in Haiti there is a school serving children from K-8 grade. Our long term goal is to help in many areas as we can as the Lord provides. We need to support as many families and children as we can. The Lord has already provided and will continue to. We have a piece of land and we are confident that the Lord will tell us what to do next. We need to build a center where we can provide all type of services, we need you to pray for us, be on our team just to let us know that you are praying for us It will be the greatest contribution that we can get from you or anyone.